What's Covered

What's Covered By Travel Insurance?

Gastroenteritis. A broken arm. A lost passport. A stolen handbag. Unfortunately, things can and do go wrong when we travel away from home. Most of the time, we get to enjoy perfectly safe and happy holidays but, when things go wrong, Laya Healthcare is there to support you.

Whether you have our single trip travel cover, our multi-trip travel insurance, our business or our backpacker policy, we offer many important benefits. Whatever problems you encounter, we are available 24/7 to help you and give you whatever information you need. We can arrange an emergency translator and direct you to local medical facilities or the local authorities if you need their help.

Travel difficulties

If your journey is delayed, cancelled, cut short or rearranged, we pay benefits to each person affected who is named on the policy. We also cover your baggage and possessions if they are lost or delayed.

Medical issues

If you need medical treatment from a local doctor or hospital while you are away, we'll cover you. We also offer round-the-clock medical assistance every day of the year, so you don't need to worry about being stranded in a foreign country while injured or unwell.

Theft and other crimes

Our policies pay out if you are mugged and also pay towards the cost of replacing your stolen property, including cash and your passport.

We also cover hijacks and other catastrophes, unlikely as they are.


Our policies always include personal accident cover, as well as personal liability cover and payments towards legal advice and expenses if needed.

We cover winter sports, along with many other hazardous activities.