Family Travel Insurance

Family Travel Insurance

When you're taking your family away on a trip, you need to know that you'll be covered no matter what. Laya Healthcare can give you that peace of mind with our family travel cover. No matter what, we'll look after you and your children.


Is this the right policy for our family?

We know families come in all shapes and sizes. With our single trip and multi trip travel insurance policies, we cover families of one or two adults and all of their children under 18. If your family is made up differently, contact us and we can advise on the right travel cover for you.

My child is older than 18, but she is in full-time education. Can I add her to our family policy?

Our family policy only covers 2 adults and children up to 17 years. To insure other adults in your family, you can select the Unrelated Group option.

Is my child covered if he travels on his own?

Yes, children travelling without their parents are covered if they are with an adult known to you or specifically travelling by air on an unaccompanied minor scheme and will be met or joined by an adult. If they are travelling alone under any other circumstances, unfortunately we cannot cover them.

I'm pregnant. Can I get travel insurance?

Yes, we're happy to offer you travel cover, some conditions and exclusions apply. Please bear in mind the following with regard to pregnancy:

Cancellation: If you are pregnant prior to the date of purchasing this policy then cancellation of your trip is not covered due to pregnancy.

You can, however, make a claim if you become pregnant after the date you arranged this insurance cover (or booked your trip, whichever is earlier, if you have arranged Annual Multi Trip Insurance) and you will be more than 26 weeks pregnant at the start of or during your trip. Or, if you become pregnant after the date you arranged this insurance cover and your doctor advises that you are not fit to travel due to complications in your pregnancy.

Medical Expenses: you are covered for medical expenses connected to pregnancy provided that you are not 26 weeks pregnant at the beginning of or during your trip.

Please refer to the policy wording for full information.